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Social Security Number Verification

Have you thought about the consequences the employee has to face when the employer discovers that the social security number provided by the employee is wrong? Well, in this case the employee gets into big trouble with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). And trust me you don't want to get in the bad books of American Government . Therefore the need for a social security number verification has arisen for hiring and personnel management process. This can be an internal program or it can be done through a reliable online search company. They can always run a valid and proper social security number search for you when you need information. With valid SS# searches you can easily find people at any point of time, wherever you want to.

However, the question arises, need we verify or not? Actually, this question should not arise.

What does verify of social security number do? Well, he or she will help you to make sure that as an employer the social security number which have been presented to you by your employees are valid and correct. This number is made up of nine digits which may seem like nine random digits, but are actually clues to whether the number is valid or not, in any kind of situation.

There are certain factors in this which determine if the social security number submitted to you is possible or not. For instance, an employee who is born on a particular date will only have a definite number of social security issued in his name. The reason behind this is that the this number that is tagged actually corresponds to a particular range of issuance dates, etc. And if by any chance, you find that the SS# has been issued before a person was born, then obviously, the number is wrong and fake. The use of social security number verification is to recognize an error once he sees it, hence giving you a reason to verify the SSN provided to you with the Social Security Agency.

You may question the importance of such verification. Well, if you knew the penalties for encoding the wrong social security # in an employer's Internal Revenue Service "W-4 form", then you wouldn't ask such questions. The thing is that you will have to shell out $50 if they find that you have gone ahead and encoded the incorrect SSN in your "IRS W-4 form". Now, when the validator finds out that number is actually a fraudulent, the employer will ask for the more information about the employee, using the personal indenification for this process without being accused of trespassing on the right of a person's privacy. As there is a reason behind the investigation by the verify of SSN, the employer has the right or go ahead and get a background check done.

The most common things that a SSN number can simply not contain are as follows:

1. All zeros in any of the three sections, in any sort of combination. The least number of zeros that can be present in any combination is 001-01-0001, which has already been allotted Glenda Owen of New Hampshire in the year 1936.

2. The numbers beginning with 666.

3. The number series from 987-65-4320 to 987-65-4329, as it is reserved for advertising purposes

4. The numbers beginning any number greater than 772, as this is the highest area code assigned by the SSA till today.

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