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Validation of Social Security Number

A Social security number (SSN) is a nine-digit number issued to Citizens, temporary and permanent residents in the United States of America. The Social Security Administration issues this numbers and law, 205(c) (2) of the Social Security Act of the United States Constitution, backs it. The social security number was originally use for taxation purposes but so far it has become a form of national identification number.

Nowadays in modern in modern America, social security number is issue almost as easy as a birth certificate to a newborn child: There is no age limit. You can apply for social security number at any social security office irrespective of your location in the US.

The social security number is has three parts. The first usually represents the office code or ZIP code where the card was issue. It does not necessary means the area in which a person resides. The two middle numbers is the group number. The last is the serial numbers.

Employer can validate the social security number of a would-be or employee has never been important than it is today, after 9/11. First, you may want to get it done at the social security office, which may take a while or you may simple get online and get it in less than 30 minutes. Some online websites only need the name and last digits of the SSN and they will come up with all other information such as previous addresses, full name, and OFAC screening.

Validation of social security number can be via telephone or mail services. The social security administrative website makes it easy. Some people prefer going through private websites for personal reasons. Some private websites offer such service free while majority charge a menial fee.

To validate a social security number, one has to register with the social security number verification service (SSNVS). As a starter, you will have to fill a form and a password would be issue to you. They need this to identify your identity. Thereafter, you will be issue a user ID that you can always use to make future validation of social security number. An activation code come a couple of days after this. With the activation code, you can access the social security number verification service (SSNVS) through the mail. With the combine help of activation card and password, you can trace social security numbers via the social security administration's website at

In the US, the law forbids Corporations to employ persons without social security numbers. In the past Social Security Numbers were for tax related purpose only. However, since almost everybody in the United States has one it later became a form of a national identification number. The US military is using it and the Navy has a more complicated type. Illegal use of the social security number could lead to jail, fine or both.

Almost everybody in the States has a unique social security number. Nonetheless, there have been cases were two or more persons claim ownership of a social security number. Social Security number is one of the requirements to open a bank account, and whatnot. Illegal immigrants rely heavily on stolen SSN because we expect a person with a genuine Social Security Number to be the lawful owner.

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