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My worst fear ever is to have my identity stolen because once you lose your identity you’re up for big trouble. When a criminal gets your identity there are a million things he can do with it to take money away from you. I had a friend that got into big credit losses because someone was crediting a lot of money in accounts made in his name.

Some criminals try to steal your social security number so that they can get credit with your identity, once they get the credit they spend all the credit until the limit leaving you with a huge debt with the creditors. Identity theft is becoming common and you have to watch out for those criminals if you want to be safe.

Once the criminals get a hold of your social security number everything is lost because they’ll spend until they can no more and when the credit expires they’ll just get another one with another creditor. As long as you keep a lost social security number they’ll be able to get more and more credit and the person who lost it will be the person paying the bills.

To make sure that you’re safe the best thing to do is to keep track of what’s being done with your social number, you have a site in the internet that allows you to know what’s being done with your social security number, that way you can keep track of the credit accounts being open in your name. Once you noticed that your credit card has been stolen you should change the number immediately and cancel any new credit account. Thanks to the internet you can have access to what’s being done with your social security number and solve the identity theft problem if you have one.

The main thing is to be very careful with your social security number, you can’t give it to anyone, when you do you should make sure that the person is trustworthy. If you lose your social security number the best is to get a new one or keep track of your old one and make sure that no one opens credit accounts in your name.

With the tools I'm introducing to you like the site I told you about you can be safe and not get into any trouble, make sure you use them in case of doubt.

If you think that this won't happen to you the best thing is to change your mind because I know loads of cases even friends that are in big trouble because now they have to pay the bills for credit that was stolen from them.

The main thing is to never allow your social security number to be lost, if you manage to take good care of your security number you’ll be safe but you can always check what’s being done with it just in case. Remember that identity theft is serious and that you should be always very careful.

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