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Who hasn't heard of people vanishing just in order to avoid debt? It is the favorite game that con artists play, whilst they leave someone else holding the bags! But, today, a experienced investigator can use social security number and find anyone whom he wishes to! He can use what are called electronic tracks and records which can trace any person's movements very easily, and finding someone through SS# by doing a people search through the social security # service provided to you is one way of doing this.

What exactly does SS# mean?

SS# is a short for social security number which is allotted or assigned to every person in the United States when the person turns 18, not taking into consideration the employment of the person. The social security number is required for tax as well as other civil purposes. The Government of the United States made a law that it is illegal to not indicate your social security number, that is not fill or to fill in a wrong SSN in an employee's "W-4 form", with the purpose that the employer might just ask and check for the SS#.

This is very helpful as it allows you to find a person very easily through social security # by simply doing an SSN search online which in turn will reveal the person's present address and other recent activities and any other additions about the person which is related to SS#. The social security number of a person is something that lasts for ever and is even used to make an SSDI database.

Besides employment purposes, your SS# can also be utilized to apply for your driving license in many states. Why is this done? Well, this is done so that the government can easily check if you have any outstanding warrants or criminal activities which can make you ineligible as a recipient of a driver's license. This is not just done in order to look for someone through social security number. Also, when a person is trying to run away and not pay his debts updates for reasons known to him or her, then a detective who is tech-savvy will definitely opt to use SS# search and look for that person along with the person's correct present address and other information.

However, the most difficult part about finding people through social security number is that there are certain legal restrictions that are there before you can access the information about the other person as the information is said to be confidential. Only certain licensed people can gain access to these records as they are non-public. Hence, if you want to search for someone and find that person through social security #, then you will have to go to a search company which has the license to gain access to these records. The fees you will have to pay for using these services lie is around from $14.05 for a single search access and around $29.00 for unlimited search privileges per year. Also there are other people search options too.

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