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There are several different ways to try and get character references form numerous different sources. You can always try and use a background check or a criminal or prison record check, but what if you really want to dig deep down. There is another source one can use in order to obtain this type of information. This reference source is a FBI File. There are a couple of different ways to check FBI files but the easiest is to go online.

The FBI is apart of the government and as we all know, the government knows almost everything about us. They may know information that we don't even know about ourselves. It is also common for the FBI to have files on certain people without them even knowing it. You can check this files online and see if they have a file on you or not. There are multiple websites that say that they can check your FBI file for free. This is very untrue however. Whenever you get FBI files, you must pay a fee for this particular service. Most websites are rather inexpensive, costing about thirty dollars or so for unlimited access. This is a great way to get reference information if you are an employer or something of that nature.

When you check FBI files, you can sometimes get some good information about someone's individual background history. You can see if they were in the military or not, or if they did some hideous crime they never told anyone about. You can get some real data about someone when you check own files. If this sound intriguing to you, all you have to do is go online with Net Detective software.

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