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How check your own FBI files


FBI Background Investigations

FBI Background Investigations are very different from basic criminal background checks that are so easy to perform on the internet. An FBI background investigation is a very thorough, and sometimes considered invasive, investigation into an individual's past. It covers every single jurisdiction in the United States and also covers any crime that has been committed, with the exception of minor misdemeanors such as a traffic ticket.

Obtaining an FBI background investigation is not as simple as logging onto your computer and just requesting one. Because of the sensitive nature that is included in the report, there are a tremendous amount of laws to govern its use. In fact, certain states will not allow FBI investigations to be conducted unless the reason for doing so meets a certain state mandated criteria. Two definite ways that the FBI and states will allow a full background check on an individual is if you are applying for a job within certain areas of the government or if an individual is going to be working with or around children.

With that being said, the person requesting the check on an individual is still limited in their actions and therefore the actual check itself must be requested by certain authorities. In any state, a person can request a background check on themselves, but there is still a proper procedure to follow and it isn't quite easy as logging onto the internet and finding a service to provide you with it.

First, you must go to your local law enforcement agency and get an official fingerprint stamping performed. This is used by the FBI to provide your identity. Next, you will have to write a letter explaining why you want to have a FBI investigation completed on yourself. Finally, you place all of that information in a packet along with an investigation fee and mail it to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The time it takes to get the results back is around four weeks, which is much longer than a normal background check due to the depth of the investigation.

Often times, employers will request that an individual obtain their own FBI check when the local state laws prevent them from requesting it themselves. This is a normal occurrence and if your employer requests this of you do not be alarmed. Adoption agencies are another example of an entity that might request you to get your own FBI background Investigation, and once again this is normal so there is no need to feel offended by the request.

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