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Mortgage records are basically a type of public records. The statement implies that any consumer or citizen in the United States can have an access to any kind of mortgage records as long as these are publicly funded. This would require a little research on your part. Most of the time it is a free process but if you require detailed information then you can hire an abstractor or company for the purpose of researching records.

Firstly you have to decide regarding what actually you need to look for. The mortgage records need to be recorded either by an abstractor or a title attorney. Often such mortgage documents are recorded during the recession period. This refers to the three days which follow the loan closing during which the consumer can still cancel the loan.

The next step is to compile the information before you can begin searching the records. This would refer to the names on the mortgage document, addresses tied to mortgages and names of the mortgage companies. This information would be useful while you search the documents. All you need to do now is get the hard copies or simply the electronic copies of documents. A number of Registries of Deeds are available online so that it is quite feasible for the people to access documents and records.

As another step, you can also visit your town or city Registry of Deeds. Here the public records are recorded as well as held. So it your task becomes quite easy and you can go through the actual books which contain a record of the deeds. In addition to this, you can also do electronic searches at the Registry. Most of the Registries offer the facility of comprehensive search engines to make the search feasible.

Besides, you can also search through other recorded documents as well. Apart from this, the Registry of Deeds also consists of the property tax liens levied against the properties, bank judgements and IRS liens. These documents also come under the category of public records.

Internet can be a great source for the purpose of searching mortgage records. It is quite easy to find the name of the owner, tax id or parcel number as well as amount of present taxes and whether the taxes are paid. Thus your task can be done for free with the help of a number of websites which offer consumer information without any charges. In most of the areas the search is done with the help of property by area and some also give data on unlisted homes not for sale.

Now that it is quite clear that it is easier to find a lot of information online. So you have a number of resources. All you need to know the exact areas where you need to look for. Internet has simplified the task for many of us. However if you are not sure enough regarding where to look you can seek the help of an experienced abstractor.

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