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Divorce records are compulsory by law upon the respective state authorities to keep records of dissolution of marriages. Divorce request can be gotten from appropriate government agency such as Vital Record Office via telephone, fax or upon visit. At the convenient of your home, this record is also available online for some fees. Online requests for divorce records are the easiest, fastest and most convenient means of retrieving divorce records.

The divorce rates in the western world are alarming. According to available statistics, approximately about 50% of all marriages end up in divorce. Divorce rates various from one age group to the other. For instance, couples in their mid and late 20s are more likely to get divorce than those in their early 20s. Divorce rates differ from one religion to another as well. Amongst Christian faith groups, 34% of evangelical Christian marriages end up in divorce.

There are procedures for filing for divorce. Upon the successful completion of a divorce can someone remarried .First, someone has to file for divorce, go through from the legal battle stage up to the final decree. Every single step of the proceeding is put to record for future reference purposes at the central state repository. The Freedom of Information Act 1966 backs the uploading and maintenance of such information for government and private use in a database.

Central Statistics or record office, in some states across the united states, does not provide divorce certificate upon request .They only confirm if divorce was granted in the state and any such requests for divorce certificate and decree is redirected to the Clerk of Superior Court where divorce was granted. Requests are upon payment of a non-refundable stipulated fee. A divorce record usually contain the petitioners' full name, Respondent's full Name, date of filing the divorce, the state where the divorce is filed, criminals records, filing number, bankruptcies and judgments, property records, history and many more vital information. However, divorce records are a private document and are somewhat taken as confidential.

For searches that involve several states, there are commercial record providers. These private companies have a large database of divorce records that updated daily. They are reliable and the money spent for administrative and processing cost is usually worth it as you are assured of the finding the divorce record you are looking form from a nationwide collection of divorce record database.

There are several reasons why people search for divorce records. A search could be for tax queries, legal proceedings and many more. Attorneys and private individuals use the service of freelance courthouse researchers. Freelance researchers make divorce record search easy and fast. The best of it all is that they charge a moderate fee for their work. You may also pay fees for the copies of the divorce record and mailing charges if you so require. Engaging the services of a private firm helps you avoid the trouble of locating the court office or the vital record office.

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