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Women cheat on men and men cheat on women. This is a wide spread phenomenon worldwide. For a platonic relationship, a partner cheating on you would be give less headache but not when you both are married. The suspicion of a partner not been faithful always sends shock waves through one's body. In some cases, a spouse infidelity could go unnoticed for many years. This happens when one of the spouses is especially talented in the ‘art of unfaithfulness.' Before we dive head-on into the psyche of a cheating spouse, let us check out the things that may cause a spouse to look for comfort somewhere else.

Some people naturally enjoy cheating on their spouse. Like the saying goes ‘'a leopard never changes its spots.'' They probably have been doing it before they met got married, so what the heck. These kinds of persons have made cheating a second nature long before they met their spouse. Let us look at it this way; they have been on and off many relationships. Suffix to say they have had countless numbers of heartbreaks and this has hardened their heart. Therefore, if you have this kind of spouse and you are giving them a chance to change for the better, I wish you the best in your scientific experiment. If you asked me, it is a wild goose chase. To put short, many of these people do not control themselves. Their emotion controls them like drugs control a drug addict. Catch them cheating one time, they will plea, but I tell you what? It is in their blood.

Others are indirectly force by their spouse to be unfaithful. A nagging woman, for example, who tries to change her husband from what he likes to what she likes, is only digging a grave for her marriage. In addition, not making available time for you and your spouse to hang out, make love, and learn more about each other spells doom.

Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Firstly, you will have the feeling that your spouse is cheating on you. That feeling is the greatest and most important sign that something is wrong. It occurs instinctively especially if you have never felt that way before. However, it is not in your position to react immediately on that, do some investigation.

When your spouse immediately becomes someone else, that is a sign that someone else has taken a place in his or her heart. Let us say you could predict their movement and whereabouts at a particular time of the day and all of a sudden, you lost that power. It may also be a sign that your spouse is cheating on you when all of a sudden they start giving cock and bull stories of why they will be coming home late. Other excuses as they have a friend you do not know of that they will like to stop and visit.

In fact, if someone can lie on minor issues without good reason, what makes you think they cannot lie to your heart? It is that easy. A spouse that truly loves you should not lie to you. If you suddenly suspect your spouse lying then chances are that they are cheating on you.

Finally, a cheating spouse is not transparent in all their dealings. If your spouse password their phones and PDAs, something is wrong. In some instances, a cheating spouse is not at ease when you are close to his or her phone. In addition, If you enter a room and observe a strange movement at the corner of the house with your spouse with the phone on their hands, be warn something might be going on underground.

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