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Background Checks Better Safe Then Sorry

Just when you think that you have heard of everything, some psycho comes down the pike with a whole new angle on craziness. Some person hires a new nanny that looks and acts like a perfect angel but it turns out that she is into satanism and doing some kind of blood letting rituals.

What Ever Happened to that Nice Lady Down the Street?

Or what about the lady who finally meets mister right and falls in love. He wines and dines her, showering her with gifts and attention and she is completely bowled over. Then when they finally go on their first overnight trip together she discovers truth. He's a cross dressing cannibal leather freak and she is never heard from again.

Not Your Average Psychotic Butcher

Or what about the guy that rented the apartment to Jeffry Dalmer? He thought that he was such a nice young man until the police showed up and started bringing freezers full of frozen dismembered bodies out of his apartment.

Excuse Me, May I Die Here?

Or what about the lady that showed up at some church in Minneapolis and claimed that she was dying of cancer. The church members took her in and helped her financially through her last dyeing days except that there was one problem. She never died and lived off of them until people began to notice that she wasn't dead and in fact was healthy as a horse.

Never Trust Anyone, Not Even Yourself

So you just never know who your dealing with and what kind of B.S. they are offering up to anyone foolish enough to believe it. Fortunately, the truth is that most people have a track record and that is why they had to burn rubber from where ever it is that that came from. So learn to do background checks and do them on everyone that you come in to contact with on a day to day basis.

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